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Joey Bada$$ - Don't Quit Your Day Job Lyrics

Joey Bada$$ – Don’t Quit Your Day Job Lyrics

I’m actually offended that this nigga ain’t come harder than this

[Verse 1: Joey Badass]
I got an issue with this little bitch shiatsu, I’m a pitbull
The lyrical missiles that won’t miss you
Rip open your tissue make your task force miss you
And it make no sense to diss you, so I diss you
Nothing but food you little bitch
I drop nines like cat fish sticks
And shrimp like you and steak too
No bitch ever gonna get pimp like you, hit you with the cane till you sick in the brain
Ya think drilling your brain
You pink flame ass nigga
Lame ass nigga
Publicity stunts for the fame ass nigga
Bada$$ not lying but you gotta tame that nigga
? not replying now you dying Joey Bad blame that nigga
Restrain that nigaa, you purple rain ass nigga
How you trying to be Prince in a Queen B mix
Little faggot pants dance don’t make no sense
Quit your day job
Cause after this your campaign wrecked
I could do this all day-i – it ain’t no sweat, ain’t no threat
This little bitch shit
Cause there ain’t no vets for the love
And there ain’t nothing less I cum next
Ain’t a nun
I’m the one
I think I spit lozange
And Bada$$ enforcing
This niggas off I put him in a (cough, cough) coffin
Make yourself a pizza get tossed in
I could do this often on your porch
In foreign this a warrant we warning
If you want we still be sparring with the martians with an army of spartans
Sparking up I fuck yo bitch when I park your truck
Back of the 49ers park

Shout out to the OG Too Short
Shout out to the OG E-40
Eh RIP Mac Dre
Bay area, cause mass hysteria, kidnap and bury ya
Shout out to Del tha Funkee Homosapien,
Shout out Hieroglyphics
And most importantly shout out Lil B

[Lyrics to Don’t Quit Your Day Job by Joey Bada$$]

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