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Joey Bada$$ - Norwegian Breakfast Lyrics

Joey Bada$$ – Norwegian Breakfast Lyrics

[Intro: Joey Badass]
One time
Shout my nigga Bagir on this one
I’m sorry my niggas Bagir on this one

[Verse 1: Joey Badass]
If you could see the world through my corneas
The corner of my eye, I block out the erroneous
Sometimes I wish they made these contacts with euphoria
Then maybe I could bear to open my list more accordingly
Underage kids pour George and Porgie
And get grooved up til four in the morning
With four tenderonis off on orgy
At the crack of dawn, get the crack at the Don Corleone
And I’m feeling like I got it made man
They smell the debate all on me and ask what you made man?”
But that don’t really count if you ain’t savin’
They enslaving my people straight to the grave and
Minimum wage at war, ask what we fighting for?
Need more or sure of course
Just grab a piece of the pie, three-point-one-four
One fifty nine lives hit the floor and break celestial wars
Per second
And these niggas think it’s rap that got me stressin’
It’s about to be a rap when I pick the Smith and Wesson up
Cause these words ain’t enough to be defendin’ us

[Hook: Joey Badass]
But I try
I try
I try
I try

[Verse 2: Joey Badass]
An eye for an eye make the world go ’round
An eye for a guy make your girl go down
She sip the shit like it’s liquor
But coming out my God body, it’s like elixir
She trying to pole all night if you trying to prolong my dick and shit
I give it to her quick, that’s a sad predicament
I swear I hate predicting shit, she said it taste magnificent
Sour like piff, but sweet like black licorice
Bitches, money, and weed, same shit, just ignorance
But how you expect me to act? Less black, less niggerish?
Fuck that, money control all my niggas shit
And the white man stay trying to get a nigga rich
And turn us on each other, like, what we fighting for?
Need more whores, another Porsche, of course
Just grab a piece of the pie
3.14, hundred fifty-nine dimes on this floor
And break they jaw
Make that kushy applause
Per second
If only these niggas knew
It’s rapping that got me stressin’
Bitches popping off like my Smith and Wessun

Cause I try
I try
Cause I try
I try

[Outro: Joey Badass]
Ain’t trying hard enough……

[Lyrics to Norwegian Breakfast by Joey Bada$$]

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