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Red Cafe - Shakedown 4 Life Lyrics (with DJ Envy)

Red Cafe – Shakedown 4 Life Lyrics (with DJ Envy) 

[Red Cafe:]
I got that long money, crystal ya dig?
That’s v-s-o-p just to get the mote start ya know
Shakedown 4 life
This shakedown 4 life
All the way from the westside of flatbush ave
Shakedown 4 life
Bring it back home ya know what I mean
We connected 4 life
It be like
From the depths of the sea, back on the block
Was a g by the name of hard rock
Then move that hard rock went solo
Flood the strip 30 days flat, flood my wrist
Even if I love my bitch, I thug my xxxxx it’s in my nature
I don’t chase nothin but the paper xxxx up my trap
No stuntin’ I’m a waste ya put led in ya then erase ya
Murk on the harley hit the block post up with my army
Shakedown in here arm & hammer in here
You know the red bandana in here
Nothin but the basics it’s uncut taste it
Roll with my team right or wrong, I ride for my niggaz

Die for my niggaz on, take death for what it’s worth
Can’t gage what the loyalty is worth it’s a g thang

Shakedown 4 life
This shakedown 4 life (my side to yo side)
We connected 4 life (keep it 100)
Shakedown 4 life (you feel me?)
This shakedown 4 life (this that sd shit)
Shakedown 4 life (come xxxx with it)
We connected 4 life

[Red Cafe:]
Lights, cameras, dress to perfection
Arm, hammer, 16 shot selections
Round here we throw them hollows like it’s a western
Got it in check, like the herbs that I step in, out
Money and clothes I been bout

Paper chaser, I’m en route sip the gin ’till I make the pour spin out
O, I make them waves spin now, what you know about it
Cafe wake ’em up they dozing, ecstacy flow for hoes I keep ’em rollin’
Kill ’em with different strokes and they be knowin’
Send ’em to david blaine, now they frozen, b’s on my fitted, b’s

On my them wheels, tell them hoes come and get it
Be what I scream make ’em flee when I spit it
Move that rock round and round don’t lose pivot
Fuck you gon’ do with me?

[Red Cafe – Shakedown 4 Life Lyrics (with DJ Envy)]

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