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Red Cafe - Let It Go (Remix) Lyrics (feat. Diddy, 2chainz, French Montana)

Red Cafe – Let It Go (Remix) Lyrics (feat. Diddy, 2chainz, French Montana)

[Verse 1: Red Cafe]
Light skin broad, fuck her in the car
And gave her my work, told her put it in her bra
Next week this time, she killin’ them all
Tell your ex nigga I’mma show him how to ball
I’m a dope boy, kush flowery
Ain’t been a better bad boy since Mike Lowery
Fresh like I dry cleaned the whole wardrobe
My team doing numbers, check the bar codes
I don’t chase money, don’t ever chase bitches
I just chase liquor, but have them all licking
Back in my city, I’m a guerilla
I got that uncut, I’m a dope dealer!

[Hook: Red Cafe]
I’m dope boy, balling
I swear I should be playing at the garden
I’m looking like dope boy, in my Jordans
And I ain’t flipping numbers ’til the morning
I let it go, let it go, let it go
I let it go, let it go

[Verse 2: Diddy]
Yeah, last time when you seen me I was in that blue thing
With a supermodel now, I’m in that new thing
With a newer model and I made her pump the gas
Took her up to Harlem, then I pumped that ass
I remember I was counting five hundred milly
Around the same time Weezy recorded A Milli
One for the money, two for the money
Love a real bitch that’s all about her money!
Sorry ass niggas out here looking funny
So im in my own world, spaced out, Kid Cudi
Hold the fuck up!
R.I.P HUDDY, we’re still stuntin’ on ’em got the hood going dummy


[Verse 3: 2 Chainz]
Slumber party in apartments
I should win a drug dealing contest
I’m so real, you could catch a contact
Got that dough dick, I can make her come back
I still sleep with my scale
All I had for breakfast was an L
All I had for dinner was some good pussy
I got a package in the mail with some good Kushy
Bring your girl here, I might spoil her
Four door porsche with the spoiler
I keep killing pussy, call my lawyer
Make my girl Jackson like Latoya


[Verse 4: French Montana]
More jewels, more cars and more skrilla
Last sleep, first up like a dope dealer
Purple leaf for the smoky mirrors
I ride on your bitch with a four wheeler
Uh, sharp shooter like the old Miller
Banana clip, gon’ play Gorilla
Stepping on your own blood, there’s your red bottoms
Shot my homie penthouse, the feds got him
Look at Shawty ass she can’t stand straight
Spent your down payment on my landscape
Any means necessary, I’mma gon’ get her
You’re fucking with the niggas hands on with it


[Red Cafe – Let It Go (Remix) Lyrics (feat. Diddy, 2chainz, French Montana)]

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