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Outasight - Nice Lyrics

Outasight – Nice Lyrics 

I don’t wanna be alone
It don’t matter anymore who it is
As long as someone’s there
I don’t wanna be alone
It don’t matter anymore what happens
From here on out, nice

[Verse 1:]
With the same ol’ two step
Bounce around town, know what you doing
Ain’t the jealous type seeing how the fellas like
Running game all day, yeah, I let it ride
Damn, let’s cruise, lost all my energy and blew a fuse
If the rules include what you do
The news for me to choose, a bruised ego is cool
What a fool, the man don’t learn
Bought bags, bought jewels
Canceled subscriptions but then renewed
I don’t mean to be rude, penny for a thought
So what a few stacks gon do or two?
Tied my noose, told me to hang loose
Swoosh, nothing but net, I guess I can shoot


So we doing real nice, a piece of advice
I’ll take the whole slice, I ain’t hear no bells
Don’t throw no rice, blazer off white with a navy pinstripe
Right out Miami Vice, don’t seem like the type
But damn that’s the life and I didn’t choose it
It’s too confusing, use your illusion
Guns and Roses, flash Juxtaposes
35 millimeter black and white poses
56 and lotus as an added bonus, tell me if you on this
Even when I lie in bed, I’m being honest
Say good night and see ya in the morning
Wherever I’m roaming, looking for love ’cause I can’t be alone man


[Outasight – Nice Lyrics]

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