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Outasight - Lush Life Lyrics (feat. XV)

Outasight – Lush Life Lyrics (feat. XV) 

[Verse 1: Outasight]
Sitting back on my MC status
I ain’t good at math but I’m above average
This got a ring to it, no rush to marriage
Or ride the horse and carriage
But I am truly flattered, don’t make me blush
Grab my hand when I walk in but what’s the rush?
What’s up with my life being lush?
If looks could kill, watch the crowd go hush
Out the club in the morning light
To the diner for some grub, got an appetite for destruction
Who fronting on this real cool brother?
One of a kind style who don’t sound like another
Don’t hate me for being a life lover
I came from the bottom and look how I got ’em
All in a frenzy, acting all friendly
Now where’s my umbrella Mr. Bentley?

Welcome to the lush life
Welcome to the lush life
Welcome to the lush life
Welcome to the lush life

[Verse 2: Outasight]
Put words together like I’m playing Scrabble
Triple word score, now make ya trunk rattle
Any new kicks? Yup, I got to have those
Dutch’s, we pass those just like with Tabasco
With anything I grub on, this ain’t no love song
Now everybody stop and say hey
And pretty young thing got me off the wall
Last shot of the night, this my curtain call
But I’m sticking around for the encore
‘Cause I got a little something but I want more
Hmm, makes ya think anything possible with a couple of drinks
Now everyone at the same time, say ho-ho Jinx
Knock on wood, the boy gon be good
Been long enough on the brink, think…


[Verse 3: XV]
Welcome to the life of mirages
Photo garages, Pablo Picasso collages
Hoes in my closet ’cause wifey is home
Let ’em out if they got it and my wifey is home
I’m talking gumball machines in the lobby
Hallway filled with Murakami by Kakachi
They say it’s hard out here for me, no Jirachi
But I just hear the crowd drowning out everybody
Shit, mama thought it never made sense that I could get boss
Like the soap at the Macent, this is my exodus
So which do they say exits it?
I don’t plan to ever exit the entertainment
Niggas came with, come out of divorces
Like dudes in gang support groups, they don’t claim shit
Until my time is up, welcome to the lush life, I see ya sign is up


[Outasight – Lush Life Lyrics (feat. XV)]

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