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Outasight - Dizzy Lyrics

Outasight – Dizzy Lyrics 

[Verse 1:]
I started out on Burgundy but soon hit the harder stuff
Call this Richard Andrew’s blues
I could feel the morning ’round the corner and it’s killing my buzz
In the back, I hear the news
You got something that really makes me spin
Like an orange quarter water and a fifth of gin
Punch-drunk love and a wide eyed grin
I was looking to score so I took her to the tin
Rejected, I’m hooked like Kareem
A fiend for obscene, I scream to cause a scene
Um, that’s where it gets fizzy
Another late night feeling kinda dizzy

I’m feeling so dizzy
Shit keeps moving ’round and getting me all dizzy
Watching the world spin

[Verse 2:]
Well it’s one shot and two shots and three shots and floor
Every time I think I’m done, I keep on coming back for more
And my job kinda sucks, everyday’s such a bore
And I want a bunch of new shit but I’m poor
All you ask is when you gonna grow up?
And what you gonna do when you don’t blow up?
Go throw another show where no one shows up
Drink too much Jameson and have to throw up
You know what? You probably right
What kinda grown man calls himself Outasight?
But that’s life baby, trying to stay busy
But all this damn talk got the boy feeling so dizzy


[Verse 3:]
I ain’t saying that I messed up, I been cleaning up myself
I shaved my face and cut my hair and put on a belt
And people come and go like I’m flicking through cable
That’s where it’s gets a little tricky and leaves a guy feeling dizzy


[Outasight – Dizzy Lyrics]

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