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Mobb Deep - What Goes On Lyrics

Mobb Deep – What Goes On Lyrics 

[Verse 1: Prodigy]
A hood sweetheart, sweet body and sweet face
Her kiss taste like sweet pink lemonade
Baby you the real deal, all these other broads fake
For you, everything stop, hold up, wait
Let me walk with you, make sure you get there safe
Let me talk with you a minute and pick your brain
Any sane motha fucka goin right at you
So I gotta come special if I’m gonna have you
Let other niggas do cartwheels and break they back
You want P cause he ain’t stress you like that
You want P cause he keep it real like that
You look too good girlfriend, I gotta do that
Find myself gettin caught up in Charlotte’s Web
Black widow might let em? once but then they dead
I know your style, been around the world but then
I tripped on you and a whole nother story begins

[Verse 2: Havoc]
Got those ratchets and hammers you know we never put em down
I met me a shorty that tried to slow a nigga down
No matter how good the nappy I never leave the pound
Shorty, not even for you, I know it sound foul
But so be it, love it or leave it, you bounce
Nigga be hurt a little somethin but come on now
How you met me, how I is, I ain’t one of these clowns
I know you love a nigga but I lay a nigga down
In a hot second, spittin the rounds, your man get down
Thought it was sweet, now that man didn’t
See, you, yous a woman, gotta help you to survival
Get you over this fear of these guns and I’m a guide you
Why you on my watch for your life, girl I’m liable
Never thought you’d mess with a thug, swallow your pride boo
Let it go, and I’m a hold you down fo sho
Is you with me? If not, there’s the door
They say when…

[Mobb Deep – What Goes On Lyrics]

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