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Melanie C- What If I Stay Lyrics

Melanie C- What If I Stay Lyrics 

Calling all my senses
I can’t see or taste or feel you anymore
And every day I’m calling on my inner strength
To fight for something once worth fighting for
Maybe it’s life in the real world
Maybe it’s all been my fault
What if I go?
What if I leave?
What if I show you how you’re breaking me?
And I know, whatever I say I’ll still be thinking
What if I stay?
Staring at the stars
I make a wish that I could travel back in time
I lie awake just looking at your face
And I remember how you used to look at mine
Maybe it’s life in the real world
Maybe it’s all been your fault
What if I go…
What if I’m sorry?
What if I love you?
What if I go…

[Melanie C- What If I Stay Lyrics]

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