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Mac Miller - MellowHigh Lyrics (feat. Hodgy Beats & Domo Genesis)

Mac Miller – MellowHigh Lyrics (feat. Hodgy Beats & Domo Genesis)

(Intro – Hodgy Beats)
Fuckin’ Trippin’
I’m fuckin’ trippin’
Yep, Yep
Aye, can you dim the lights?

(Verse 1: Hodgy Beats)
Sippin’ beer and whiskey getting frisky hopscotch
Words mistaken this place escapin’ my tongue like pop rocks
Went to a bar alone, in my lap the Glocks cocked
Looking for a hot bop with a boyfriend that cock blocks (Faggot)
No service in this bitch, Good thing I’m near a hot spot
Time is money, clocks flock, like a cherry I’m not top (Hahaha)
You askin’ me rhetoricals, knowing where all my morals go
A stampede bitch you plant the seed, let the florals grow
She give me oral throat, good behavior, being cordial
Time is money hun, its twentys back into my portal
Other words disturb and hurt me absurdly but I’m immortal
Thuggish, ruggish, smoke blunts till sluggish, I’m fuckin’ durable
Adorable, the way these samples flip, thanks to fishy man
He don’t give a spam, With a kitchen clan,
River sand, in my bibs, I’m itchy man, Fittna’ hit a ?
And pend sixtey on Lionel Richey (Yep!)
We all gon’ die, I might just bring my baby mama with me (Yep)

(Verse 2: Domo Genesis)
Say pussy nigga what yo life like? Huh
‘Cuz mine’s hype, ah it’s thick shit on the lime light shit aside
Twice wreck 5 mikes (bitch)
You finna eat, Mac avoid you seen with 5 dykes
Weed fly puffin, had to add to our gama live, right?
The live wire spit a virus out like lime wire
Bring it down so I could climb higher
In this prime, my dudes apply fire
Near the grip I’m throwing dust
Like money my supply of plyers, runnin hot, bumpin to pop viral
You niggas lookin hella pissin on em
Mac throw the alley, I Blake Griffin on em
Wolfgang, dysfunctional family, Eddie Griffin on em
Hard hats, moving shit, even got Diddy on em
Uh, bitch I’m a monster
Beat it, never leak in my seat, I skeet in the contra
Set ‘cause I bet I’m gonna play a decent fonder
There’ll never be another me but decease to my imposters
So haters back that ass up like Juvenile
Get a subu route, bout to this shit rest bucha style
Niggas didn’t trip, gave me room and I’m a nuisance now
Let’s bleed, I bring your meat cleaver to the stupid cows
Hotheaded, need some heatseekers to shoot him down
Eat the wood nigga, just product of what he knew around
This young me, Tom’s getting what he fuckin needs
Forever blessed lik bad allergies, you just a fuckin sneeze
My dreams float, it ain’t no way that rap’s a fuckin breeze
To grab my spit disgusted
Got these ratchets on they fuckin knees
Uh, you niggas save the bullshit, I’m a matador
I’m here to swiss cheese overseas by the matter ho

[Mac Miller – MellowHigh Lyrics (feat. Hodgy Beats & Domo Genesis)]

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