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Ludacris- Mouths To Feed Lyrics

Ludacris- Mouths To Feed Lyrics

[Chorus 2X: Ludacris]
Stop movin so slow – I got mouths to feed
Hurry up and let’s go – I got mouths to feed
Rain hail sleet snow – I got mouths to feed
So you already know I’m ’bout to GET TO THAT PAPER

Listen, look I gotta feed my family by all means necessary
Cause paychecks are comin up shorter than February
Can’t get a real job, I never finished school
Can’t get no new clothes, I wore the same tennis shoes
But now the game’s changed, I’m all about the hustle
And even Hogan Knows Best, I’m all about the muscle
I’m all about my team, I’m all about my green
I’m ’bout supply and demand, I’m ’bout to serve the fiends
And I’m a workin dream, I keep the circuit clean
See I’m the FUCKIN FUTURE~! I’m a workin machine
Don’t trust a soul I’m the only one watchin my cream
So I stay in heavy rotation like a washing machine


Motherfucker I’m a monster in this game, I turn 20 into 50
50 to a hundred and a hundred to a Bentley
A Bentley to a building and a building to a ‘scraper
Can’t keep up with the news but I get that Daily Paper
And youse a daily hater cause my foot game is major
After a while, crocodile, see you later alligator
My baby need new shoes, her momma need Giuseppes
Mercedes need new shoes surrounded with Pirellis
A finger to the world, paid my dues and I’m ready
To pack up all the tools and just cruise in the Chevy
Million dollar deals makin moves on my celly
Cause I owe it to my girl to put food in her belly


Wake up and smell the coffee, it’s time to make the doughnuts
A kid who had a kid, my kid made me a grown-up
You ever threaten mines I won’t resist to put the chrome up
My guns’ll be like gang signs (ALWAYS GETTIN THROWN UP)
Atlanta put your zone up, we true to these streets
I got 12 hungry artists, whole CREW gotta eat
So hell NO I don’t sleep, I’m like an Energizer battery
Got 19 employees, I gotta pay they salary
My momma quit her job and I retired my pops
Got killers on the payroll, I hired some cops
I accept responsibility, they all pay rent
So if it don’t make dollars then it don’t make cents



[Ludacris- Mouths To Feed Lyrics]

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