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Ludacris- Mind Freak Lyrics (feat. Criss Angel)

Ludacris- Mind Freak Lyrics (feat. Criss Angel)

[Criss Angel – Intro]
Yo it’s Criss Angel.
I want to introduce you to the ultimate mind freak,
the conjurer, the prestedigitator, the supernaturalist Ludacris.

Abra cadabra, welcome to the Luda show
ladies feast your eyes on the great what it do you for
not much to hear me spit it how I live it
admit it that I’m gon kill it every chance I get it
and I’m too legit to quit it like hammer
telling my life behind bars like I’ve been rapping in the slammer
and other rappers slipping like they rapping on banana’s
but Luda stay focused like I’ve been rapping for the camera’s
I’m deeper than the mind of Minotaur
women say I stay harder than a rock like the rock of Gibraltar
thats why they like to blow me like they put me on a poster
and keep me by there side like they put me in a holster
I thought I told you, Luda’s like magic
plus I steady get them starbucks like magic
so much money that these women won’t leave
plus I got a couple other tricks up my sleeve

it’s Cris Mind freak in the back of a Roll’s
I know magic pooof do away with your clothes
I know magic pooof do away with your clothes
I know magic pooof do away with your clothes

[Verse 2]
Voila, and for my next trick
I’m in the hood with my gang don’t set trip
rep your side, throw it up like you bulimic
and if you got money like Stevie I’ve never seen it
broke bastards, these boys cashless
I’m on that green like Tiger Woods at the masters
I cause disaster like Doomsday
your whole life is a joke like April fools day
just kidding with cha, now here’s the punchline
I eat rappers every verse thinks it’s lunch time
I’m good under pressure, like when it’s crunch time
I put your chick in handcuffs like one time
one rhyme will beat your whole damn album
one rhyme will make me sign on the X like Malcolm
the industry is rapping halfway and I’ll house em
then skeet off with your girl, guess what, here’s the outcome


[Verse 3]
Luda, got more magic than in Orlando
and plenty rounds of ammunition like Rambo
try to compete and get played like a banjo
they really need to stop it like niggas wearing sandals
take another step and get annihilated
I’m on a roll as if my pupils were dilated
thank God I made it, I’m what they call the best
I rip your fucking heart out off what they call your chest
I’m a beast with it, disturb the peace with it
give me a beat and I’ll have a lyrical feast with it
then throw it in the trash and let you finish last
your life is Scrooge like the ghost of Christmas past
and I’m the Grim reaper, prepare to meet your death
you see me on the tube, now meet me in the flesh
speaking of flesh once your girl is out of the sack
you can watch me pull a fat rabbit out of my hat



[Ludacris- Mind Freak Lyrics (feat. Criss Angel)]

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