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Juvenile - Outro-Let's Go Lyrics (feat. Baby)

Juvenile – Outro-Let’s Go Lyrics (feat. Baby, Big G, Lac, Steppa, Mike, Sikwitit) 

[Baby talking]
Whut’s happ’n, whut up G(G-G) (H-B-G’s nigga) believe dat Hot Boy fo life
Nigga, we gon’ do this for all tha projects around tha world right
(Mag, Melph, Callio) H-B-G’s, B-G-F, we ridin out on this Project English
Whut’s up G, nigga speak on it (we ride for tha projects) I’m bout to give
These niggas some live entertainment (B-G-F, H-B-G’s muthafucka)

Whodi, uh, jump shop let’s do this, bitch get wit this
Hot Boys, slow down lil’ daddy fo’ I hit you wit this cannon
Who, huhn, what, where
Lil’ daddy you can stop & stare
Do ya thang ya fool, bitch I been here, I grew here, bitch I been here
Hot Girls, Hot Boys
Bling blingin’, ridin’ in them new toys
Weezy, Geezy, Turk, Superstar
We dippin’ ridin’ in them new toys
Juvy’s Project English
Baby, bitch I mean this

[Big G talking]
This Big G, get wit em Killa star

I’m from tha Nolia where foot soldiers ride Benz & shit
Where cut throaters always posin’ as yo friends & shit
Where news reporters bulletproof they camera lens & shit
A trigger click over & over behind them ends & shit
Yeah all this time had yall thinkin’ that it was cool uptown
Like a nigga don’t lose they life from them tools uptown
Every night a different nigga catch tha blues uptown
It’s so trife young students shoot up schools uptown
An A-T-F kickin’ in do’s atleast twice a week
It’s like I’m hustlin’ fo’ my health, I can’t get past a ki
I’m either duckin’ tha po po’ or tied up in beef
I’m bangin’ up this slow poke who got caught in tha streets

[Steppa talking]
Bitch yall think this a game, Baby ain’t playin, he doin’ this here
Yall know me, Steppa ya dig, I ain’t just start doin’ this here
I been around ya dig what I’m sayin’, I come from tha old school
I was taught this ya heard me & he know ya dig what I’m sayin’
Whatever, killin’, whatever, ya dig
Sick wit it, ain’t no joke
Tell em what time it is Mike

[Mike talking]
This Mike straight out tha pen, just from doin’ ten
Originial head busta, 3rd Ward Hot Boy

[Sickwitit talking]
This that Sickwitit ya heard me, straight out that Melph
Yall muthafuckas better recpect it cause Cash Money done hooked up wit
A real killa, a head busta ya heard me, I’m a H-B-G & we rollin wit tha
B-G-F’s ya heard me, so you better get wit it or I’m gonna get wit you
Ya heard Me

[Big G talking]
This Big G nigga, O-G Cash Money Hot Boy fo’ life nigga respect it or
Check it, get wit it nigga

[Baby talking]
Fa sho’ homie & Elden I’m ridin’ for ya & all these gangstas that We
Forgot & didn’t get a chance to get on it, we ridin’ for ya, time out
For ya, Cash Money Hot Boy, Project English baby, lets get this money

[Juvenile – Outro-Let’s Go Lyrics (feat. Baby, Big G, Lac, Steppa, Mike, Sikwitit)]

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