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Fat Joe- I Won't Tell Lyrics (feat. J. Holiday)

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Fat Joe- I Won’t Tell Lyrics (feat. J. Holiday)

 [Intro: Fat Joe]
Baby, you can keep a secret [laughing] Coca
Krills mania – ayy, AYY!
Uhh, uhh

[Fat Joe]
Fresh off the runway, pair of white Nikes
Phantom top-drop on that I-9-5
Pink seersucker suit, who but I
On my way to party at Carew N-Y
Now I ain’t gotta tell you that them boys pop bottles
And mami’s lookin like America’s Top Model
She says, Your earring – look at that thing~!
That’s even bigger than the rock on my ring”
Now she got a man, plays for the Hawks
I like c’mon ma; you know me run New York
Jay’s in the background, put you to bed
Says he got brains so I’m lookin a-head
Then I’m lookin for bread, I gotta eat on these streets
Shit seventeen-five, ’bout to holla at G’s
I’m a real nigga, real niggaz do real things
And I can keep a secret is the song that I sing

[Chorus: J. Holiday]
Baby I (I) won’t (won’t) tell (tell)
If you don’t want me to
Cause I got a thing for you
I’ll do anything for ya (girl anything for ya)
Baby I (I) won’t (won’t) tell (tell)
I’ll never do bad to youuuuu
Cause baby you got it, and you got me
I got a thing for ya

[Fat Joe]
A material girl in a material world
Venus, Serena, my cereal girls
What you know about havin dinner on a jet?
Make it back before the DJ’s finished with his set
Now they call me the bird man when them doors ajar
Ghostride the whip like I’m from Oakland y’all
It’s the Crack Man and he ain’t got a shot in the dark
The wrist is Jacob, earring Chapard
Went to Chao for chow’s out and order the same thing
Bill’s so high they throw in the champagne
I’m a real nigga, real niggaz do real things
And I can keep a secret is the song that I sing

[Chorus w/ ad libs]

[Fat Joe]
Grown man B.I.
Millionaire frames, Perrier rods
Every day a different chain nigga get ya gear up
Name another fat guy fly like me
and get you right, lay pipe all night like me
Call you Fruity Pebbles cause you got so many spa bags
Purple ones, yellow ones, sky blue, the wine bag
Hermes shiy wherever you lay your eyes at
Red card, black card, I could buy that
Louis Vuitton I’m truly the don
Christian, Lou’ Vuitton, the bluish charm
I’m a real nigga, real niggaz do real things
And I can keep a secret is the song that I sing

[Chorus – 2X w/ ad libs]

[J. Holiday – over second repeat]
Joey Crack you killin ’em with this one~!
J. Holiday checkin in…
Said this is grown folks music
I got a thing for you, yeah
See I won’t tell, I won’t tell, no no [fades out]

[Fat Joe- I Won’t Tell Lyrics (feat. J. Holiday)]

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