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Dying Fetus - Atrocious By Nature Lyrics

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Dying Fetus – Atrocious By Nature Lyrics

Pursuit of a conflict
Respecting no one
The stance of the vicious

Malicious bout, condemnation, brutal beat down
Hostility, ferocious war, overwhelming

Trouncing every foe obtainable
Indulging in mindless belligerence
Ordinary pain less satisfying
Searching for significant anguish
Sadistic concept edging towards reality
Man made boundaries pleasing the public
Menacing necessity assaulting rationale
Envisioning agony intention is clear

Impulsive deed, aspiration, concrete promise
Eradicate,agitation, remove constraint
Encroach, lucidity, permeation

Motivation swelling to the surface right now
Stalking feeble prey oblivious of harm
Eagerness to the pretense of an onslaught
Without hesitation to inflict anguish

Passion to hunt down and dissect
No grief involved
Sorrow of others my peak
Fulfilled purpose
Assailing the victim delight
Repulsive pleasure
Pursuing culmination of bliss
Premium brand of rapture

Cruelty not even a thought
Nasty nature is habitual
Ongoing incentive to implement climax
Crushing any thoughts of hope
Beyond stalking the painful interval
Teasing concluded invasion commenced
Chronic motive of smashing into ecstasy
Carrying out the obstinate fantasy

Basking in the triumph
Execution expertise
Cessation at leisure
No urgency abound
Evasion halting the trance

[Dying Fetus – Atrocious By Nature Lyrics]

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