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Disciple - Furthermore Lyrics

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Disciple – Furthermore Lyrics 

You’re not listening to me,
You don’t hear a word say you don’t understand the message I bring,
You don’t know the truth [Matt. 13:14-15]
Here’s an idea I’ll just throw it at you
Let’s say the sweetest man in all existence was brutalized
So you could be with Him marred more than any man,
Humiliated in public [Isaiah 53:3-12, John 19:17-37]
You’d think that’s enough but is it, but is it?

Let’s pretend all you had to do was ask Him in [Romans 10:9]
How much easier could that possibly be? [Mark 10:15]
You wouldn’t have to sacrifice your pet rhinoceros
Every time you sinned every time you sinned [Hebrews 9:12, 24-26]

I could tell you if a man were to do that for me
I’d have to lay in His arms to get closer to see the one who is,
One who was, and that is to be [Revelation 1:8]
But I’m too lazy to get on my knees

Bring me closer Jesus [James 4:8]
Never let me go [John 17:24]
Mark your name on me [Hebrews 8:10]
So I will always know that I feel, I feel you here [1 John 4:15]

Anyway what was I talking about I can not leave
And I can’t figure out my soul is bloody my tears are gain [Philippians 1:21]
I need your fire send down the rain [Luke 3:16]
Pour the blood of Jesus over me [Hebrews 9:13-14]
I need your Jesus

[Disciple – Furthermore Lyrics]

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