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Dinosaur Jr. - See You Lyrics

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Dinosaur Jr. – See You Lyrics

Hear me out, bring it right away
I don’t doubt, it’s what you meant to say
Far enough, let’s take a few things back
All my love, I’m about to crack

Didn’t see you for a while
Didn’t notice it for quite some time

See me off, gather all your stuff
Not enough but that’s all we got
Tell me why when I’m giving in
It’s alright, I still want a friend

Can you tell me where to be?
Do you know what this all means to me?
The intention’s hard to know
And I don’t want what you just let go

I’ve gone overboard, can you reel me in?
It’s a lot to know and I can’t begin
Had enough of what I knew
Had enough to know that it’s not true

Hear me out, I’m about to fade
I’ve no doubt, you meant that way
There’s a place we don’t wanna go
Does it taste like you ought to know?

Didn’t see you for a while
I’ve been so wrapped up for quite some time
Can you tell me who I’ll be?
Do you know what this all means to me?

Can you get me out? Can you pull me through?
And if there’s a doubt it’s what I’ve got to do

[Dinosaur Jr. – See You Lyrics]

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