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Dinosaur Jr. - Over It Lyrics

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Dinosaur Jr. – Over It Lyrics

Cannot make it here, I’m over it
I’ve been feelin weird, get over it
Cannot wind up free, I’m over it
Is there more to see? I’m over it

What else should I do
If I run around for you?
What am I supposed to do?
Keep it comin’, ohh they do

We still last so long, got over it
Up on the late an all go over it
Can’t escape the task, not over it
Wait if you need a ask, I’m over it
Oh, woo, hoo, woo

It’s you having picked me out it’s true
I would do, life’s so easy to get through

I’ve been on the fence
Now it’s makin’ sense I see
If I go anywhere I can buy
Most things I need to believe

I got lost in thought, I’m over it
All I almost lost not over it
I got friends to get, get over it
Hasn’t happened yet I’m over it

Now it’s time to do
All the things you say are true
I been waitin’ now we do
Wen I needed you came through

Can I run right into you?
Gettin’ lost in nothin’ blue
I need everything that’s true
Would you pick me over you?

Now after all that’s been
I’m glad I show all we’ve seen

[Dinosaur Jr. – Over It Lyrics]

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