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DevilDriver - Winter Kills Lyrics

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DevilDriver – Winter Kills Lyrics

This is haunted!
Go ahead build it off my back it’s a fact!
Without this ladder there’s no heaven for you!
I don’t rest.. I don’t sleep…
Without one eye open!
Don’t regret, never forget, this is just unspoken!
Distance and time,
There’s an ocean so wide and I just can’t relate to you!
Distance and time, there’s a canyon so wide,
I’m watching you die on the wine it’s true!
You’ll get what’s owed to you!
All around us know this is true!
Left behind, enjoy the view,

This is haunted!
You’ll change, rearrange, you’ll try.
But you’re living a lie, and I’m… a non-believer!

Mark my words.
There’ll be a change in the guard!
There’s frost on the sill
So now winter kills!
Keep this in mind,
While you’re waiting for next time,
There’s frost on the sill
So now winter kills!

Staring down straight conviction!
It’s a new religion!
I see your half ass life!
Better watch your back at night!

I could starve you till your heat aches…
Get to clawing, separate bones till they break.
Split your skull just for fun,
Not run, but stay there till the job is done!
Till the job is done!
Split your skull just for…
Separate bones, alone you mourn, to separate bones!

Shrouded in darkness, a chill in the air.
The heavens freeze over. Winter kills!
I can separate bones till they break!

[DevilDriver – Winter Kills Lyrics]

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