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DevilDriver - Shudder Lyrics

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DevilDriver – Shudder Lyrics [Deluxe Digibook Edition Bonus Track]

Unholy offspring of lightning and death itself
You run the blockade
I drink the blood of Angels
Violets and violence, the perfect feast
One lays first at the other’s feet
I was a fool to trust you
Was the fool you trusted
Ashes to ashes
From dust to rusted
Refuse to compromise
Shudder to think
What we gain once we lose everything
Shudder to think
We refuse to come to compromise
Silence speaks louder than those tears you cry
I shudder to think
Violets and violence, the perfect BEAST
I’ve laid you fucking pride down at my feet

I’m gonna take this world
Dodging the strife
Riding the rails again in this life
Hearing death, feeling godly
Searching for medicine in the melancholy
I’m gonna take this fucking world

Is what gain
Once we lose everything
Your silence speaks louder than the
Tears you cry beyond the black

[DevilDriver – Shudder Lyrics]

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