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Crystal Bowersox- Arlene Lyrics

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Crystal Bowersox- Arlene Lyrics

Driving down the interstate
Leadin’ on a big old sun
She don’t need anything to complicate
Living out her simple life
Her diesel’s hummin’
She’s gaining ground
Don’t need another man just hangin’ around
She knows that money don’t equal wealth
Ya want it done right ya gotta do it yourself

She said I’m carrying freight load
You don’t know what I’ve seen
What I need you know it never comes late
Even when the times are lean
Cuz Momma & Daddy taught me good
Gotta work hard like a woman should
If Dodgers deal with the hand I’m dealt
Ya want it done right Arlene
Ya gotta do it yourself

Diesel’s hummin’ they’re hummin’
They’re hummin’ Arlene
Diesel’s hummin’ their nose still runnin’ Arlene
Diesel’s hummin’ they’re hummin’
They’re hummin’ Arlene

[Crystal Bowersox- Arlene Lyrics]

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