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Big Sean - FFOE Lyrics

Big Sean – FFOE Lyrics

The best drinks, good tree, and bad bitches
I got the best drinks, good tree, and bad bitches
I got the best drinks, good tree, and bad bitches
And that’s what you gon’ get anytime you fuckin’ with us
Finally Famous, what’s up?

[Verse 1:]
I’m on the west side of my city
Ridin’ round like a tour guide
With that white girl she got a tongue ring
That might as well be a bullseye
She half naked walking ’round this bitch
I almost thought I was poolside
Tryna raw dog my… (oh!)
Like her tubes tied but that’s suicide!
One time for my niggas who made something out of nothing –
Cause you could lose it all my nigga look at they’ve been roughin’
“You could lose it twice as fast as you got it”
Got it – that’s what my grandma told me
And you’ve got to be a dumb dumb dumb motherfucker not to listen to what you hear from the OG’s
Rollin’ OG
‘Til I G-O
Yeah G-O, nigga, add an O-D
That’s what I rep, nigga, ’til I O-D
Collecting everything that this world owes me
I told my Momma grab you any kind of car
Girl cause you my shining star, I love you everywhere you are
Back to it – to the game I am committed
My intentions: stay persistent
Workin’ overtime like we get paid off commissions
And my wrist bliss, work
Ms. Gliss, man I ain’t got time like my wrist slit
No bitch fit, just a fit bitch
Who only drive bitch to make me feel terrific

Now we going strong, we’ll be going going gone, ’til we on

[Verse 2:]
I’m on the east side of my city
Ridin’ round like it’s “Doomsday”
And if you keep pushing my buttons
Might fuck around and be a “Tomb Day”
Don’t let go of her hand –
Or it might be “Big-Sean-In-Her-Womb Day”
“Congratulations, dog! ”
Man, that’s what the whole room say
I want money and security for all of my descendants
We up in Hollywood, tryna get our hands some “in it”
If you don’t fuck with my songs, man, you gotta fuck with the intention
Tryna get my fam and friends-es
Behind Benz-es, and cartier lenses – woah
I believe I can fly
I believe I’m the man
I believe in God
Man, they sending shots, shots, shots, shots
Like they don’t believe I can die
Man, fuck whoever used to tell me to stop
A legend in the making –
Fuck whoever told me I’m not

Now we going strong, we’ll be going going gone, ’til we on

[Big Sean – FFOE Lyrics]

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