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Action Bronson - Heel Toe Lyrics

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Action Bronson – Heel Toe Lyrics

(La Musica De Harry Fraud) Yeah, Burns (Yeah?)
Put a thousand on the grey dog (Which one, over there?)
I like that one (Alright)

(Verse 1)
Yo, the long trench wearer, money in my hand, I dare ya
To come and take this, find you in a basement naked
Plus it’s raining
She took a sniff, now she dancing like she Usher Raymond
See me swerving in the Lincoln with the Daytons
Sea colors are now late then, kinda resembles fried bacon
I shoot at your crew put the spoon inside the tiramasu
As I sat there looking cute in a suit
Shit I made it cool
To be yourself again without nobody helping em
What is that velvet?
Yes it is baby I’m a specialist
All these fuckin’ demons that infest the kid
This be that shit that your grandfather’s invested in
Dad’s back, your new shit I had that
My new bitch is half black, Beamer made the Hatchback
I’m having flashbacks of razors in the ass crack
Hundred thousand dollars all in one inside the trash bag
A bunch of fiends, I’m havin’ lunch in Queens
A lot of hundreds in my Dungarees
I’m at the garden sittin’ Indian style, that means I’m on the floor
My skin is shinin’ like it’s Armor All
I freak bitches like a carnival
Bitch I stay on the boat just like a barnacle
I don’t talk to no sons so bring your father through
And I was born in December, paint the Impala blue
Bitch it’s getting cold, huh

She sniff blow, did the heel toe
Off the wheel of the de Ville, then I peel slow
For real though, I’m trying to get Shaquille dough
Huh, I’m just trying to get Shaquille dough

(Verse 2 )
Hang out the window of my sports car I’m listenin’ to Prince
Bitch from Berlin is blowin’ me behind the tints
Doves cry, then I let my nut fly in a sluts eye
I still in the mirror lookin’ for one time
When we were younger used to play ?
Now my hunger got me drivin’ European sharks

[Lyrics to Heel Toe by Action Bronson]

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