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Vybz Kartel - Back To Life Lyrics

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Vybz Kartel – Back To Life Lyrics

Listen, you cant get pum pum a prison
A next man have you gal when you missing
Stay far from war that a coppa
And led you can’t get agead blowjob when you dead.
The food a shit, bed concrete, sunday glan ah me damn sheet
You can’t sleep dead me a warn you
Bare roach and rat crawl pon you
When the cage lock you gave to thug it up
Inna them place yah dutty like rubbish truck
Me just a preeback (reminescence) happy day memories
Weh me kids, when me wife, when me benz is
Them place yah make you know who you friends is
Make you know the real gal them from
If you a punk if you nah nuh defen-is
Badman jaia beat out you senses the electric fances and the tall wall
Regular me see man siddung and staat bawl
Society deh suh near but you can’t go
Everyday suh me just a pray suh me want guh
(back to life) me wa go (back to reality)
Me wa go (back to life) me wa go (back to reality)
Listen, you can’t get pum pum a prison
A next man have you gal when you missing
Stay far from war that a coppa and led
You can’t get head when dead
Lock down fi 23 hour
1 hour split up inna 2 half hour
15 fi food and 15 fi showa
Couple hour lata the next 3o minutes is
15 fi wash dutty clothes if you got none
15 fi look smoking fi guh lock down
Real thugz nuh backdown
Inna them pl;ace fi youh get a jamma stop
The medical a wait fi yuh
The victim surrenda
Waada fuck up the offenda
Su whi a the real winna?
Longtime me don’t eat a real dinna
Meal inya fuck uo
Suh me smuggle some rum
Through the steel winda
Just fi get me appetite happy
Right you know prison gave a code
But zip not you code
Like mavado me want do road
Suh society let me out back pon yuh road
Me waa go (back to life)
Me waa go (back to reality, back to reality)

[Lyrics to Back To Life performed by Vybz Kartel]

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