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Trey Songz - Dive In Lyrics

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Editor's comments:
There's more than one side to Trey Songz, but he chose to reveal his seductive side for th release of a new song titled "Dive In".

Trey Songz – Dive In Lyrics

Ooh I’m about to dive in ooh ooh
I was thinking about taking a couple laps, I just wanna dive in
Yeah, dive in, yeah-eah

Splash, baby girl that’s your water fall
Feel it coming down on me, so crazy
Yeah, girl I love the way your body talk
Come a little closer just like that
Keep on talking girl you got me

Wanting to go deeper then you’ll ever know
Wanting to feel, the way you flow
Ooh you got that look up in your eyes
What we ’bout to do ain’t no surprise

I’m about to dive in
Baby girl hold your breath
We about to get so wet
Swimming in your body, let me dive in
You know ain’t no running ’round this pool
Going under just for you
Baby you, watch me stroke
Left stroke, right stroke
Back stroke, girl there ain’t no running ’round this pool
Ooh I’m about to dive in
Baby girl hold your breath
We about to get so wet
Put me to the test girl when I dive

Drip, baby we don’t need no towel
I’mma be the one who rub your body now
Won’t drown ain’t even coming up for air now
I just keep my head down (down, down)
Swim for days, I can doggy paddle all kind of ways
Girl you got me ..



Submerged inside your world, so deep inside you girl
Beautiful place to be, so soak and wet and girl it’s made for me


[Lyrics to Dive In performed by Trey Songz]

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