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Trae Tha Truth - I'm From Texas Lyrics

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Trae Tha Truth – I’m From Texas Lyrics (Feat. Z-Ro, Kirko Bangz, Bun B, Slim Thug & Paul Wall)

*(Trae & Z-Ro)
no don’t tell nobody.
you ain’t see the view if you ain’t screw it up,

Use in Texas all my DJ screw,
they say what I’m saying and what it do,
and if a nigga don’t like it tell them bitches I rep Texas,
topless in this lab I come through,
yeah bo’s and fo’s and expensive clothes,
candy paint our cars big booties and our hoes,
got dollas and I’m off still representin’ the south,
with the the trunk up bitch I’m swinging through,
I sip codeine not the styrofoam,
27-10 if the kind of grind a mode,
I ain’t never leave a bitch so I ride alone,
probably while the niggas in cannot shine no mo,
big duty trucks with the big grills,
and the cadillacs with the fifth wheel,
we from the hood and we keep still
if you try to jack you gon’ get killed,

I don’t wear my bridges tight I wear them lose,
active athlete for all my foot wear homie I got too many shoes,
I’m the man in my city tell them niggas I won’t lose,
bust a pad in my nigga how we still gon’ chuck the deuce.

Find me in the hood in the city that I claim
moving slow like a music that I best scre-screw it up,
bitch I’m from Texas, yeah bitch I’m from Texas,
bitch I’m from Texas, yeah bitch I’m from Texas,
glass glass underneath beat beat my block,
pop-pop my glock, chain-chain full of rocks,
bitch I’m from Texas, yeah bitch I’m from Texas,
bitch I’m from Texas, yeah bitch I’m from Texas,

*(Paul Wall)

You can find me in HOUSTON, riding in
candy trim on broken rim with a ten and her friends,
trae the truth riding right behind,
two cups full and I’m on my grind,
talking dime respect my mind,
and I’ll show you boys the texas get down
rolex time, top let back, on my nuts ’cause I got that sack
papered up to the roof get stacked,
hoes wanna hate but it don’t mean jack,
where this money that’s where I’m at,
that texas grind it’s all I know
bang and screw and drinking big mow,
and especially getting that dough bro,

*(Slim Thug)

North side with a boss ride,
every day I go play outside
leavin’ them haters mouth wide,
can’t beat em out when they see me slide,
through the hood like I live there,
shit I got a few cribs there,
I’m a G still chill there,
we barbequin’ them ribs there,
smoke blunts and sip punch like it’s lunch,
every day we do it listenin’ to notha’ texas music,
perfect match for that good fluid,
find me in the hood in the city I claim
everybody down in H-town know me mane,
it ain’t a choice I can’t change,
I’ma rep till now like I gang bang,


*(Kirko Bangz)

I got a bad ass bitch park outside,
yellow diamond wrist if it’s dark outside,
pull a little bitch and I catch ghosts,
just a little kid from the ghetto,
never had shit but I got a little bit,
when I got a couple hits under this belt,
told her H-up nigga I ain’t try to belch or nun,
ain’t got a whole lot of money but I rob the money
I sip a whole lot of dream but I’m healthy money
that it was cool but it really can’t tell me nothing, no,
everybody think a nigga locked up,
done Kirko he did blew up,
from the H town world wide nigga what’s up,

I’m from holdout the Texas let’s get that straight off the top,
that’s where the hustlin’ and the grindin’ and the hatin’ don’t stop,
on west side to the east we out here ducking the cop,
they coming down candy painted on the mother fuckin’ chops,
it’s the land of the trill that’s where the whole thing came from,
and it ain’t just a word or where a rapper get his name from,
it’s a way of life and we live it to the fullest,
for years we represented with blood, sweat and bullets,
hoe I’m from texas

[Lyrics to I’m From Texas performed by Trae Tha Truth (Feat. Z-Ro, Kirko Bangz, Bun B, Slim Thug & Paul Wall)]

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