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The National - John's Star Lyrics

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The National – John’s Star Lyrics 

I wanted to show you John’s star
And lay down with you in strawberry fields.
You said, “you’re gonna lay down here;
You’re gonna lay down alone.”
I thought I told you I was ruined by the stones.

I don’t ever want you to come home again
I don’t want to hear your call, your voice in my room.
I am divine; my arms are stronger than rivers
And when you feel that way, you want to feel that way again.

Once ruined, baby you stay ruined
Yeah, once ruined, baby you stay ruined.

Anything is beautiful and I blame you
I woke up in your sheets of rain
And everything you touch around here,
You leave a stain.

Once ruined, baby you stay ruined.
Yeah, once ruined, baby you stay ruined.

[The National – John’s Star Lyrics]

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