The Black Keys Release New Single "Lonely Boy"

Published On : October 27, 2011

The Black Keys Release New Single “Lonely Boy”

Did you miss them? It’s Ok to say yes. Well, we don’t know about you, but we sure noticed that The Black Keys have been quite absent for a while. But have no fear, they’re finally back with some really good news and surprises for their fans. First of all, we get a new single, a bonus video for the new single, and last but not least, confirmation that a brand new album is on the way! Now that’s what we call a very good reason to celebrate.

As we previously said, the new Black Keys single “Lonely Boy” also comes with a new video. Now, how shall we put this? Hmmm. Well, we’re just gonna say it. The new video uploaded to The Black Keys official Youtube channel is a bit odd, but considering the title of the newly released song, it’s also pretty appropriate. The clip may or may not be the official visual for “Lonely Boy”, but the fact that the title they chose for the clip clearly states “first listen” may indicate that we’re in for an even better and (dare I say it?) funnier video in due time. I love tongue in cheek stuff and this video is all that and more!

If you’re curious to see exactly we’re talking about, and I’m sure you are, please brace yourselves because you are going to see a very good dancer! As simple as the video is, I think you’re going to find it very entertaining! All I know, is that I smile each time I watch it and I’m betting you will also.

Now, back to the other good news. We have the band’s new album on the way. The new LP is titled “El Camino” and it’s set for release on December 6th, 2011. The Black Keys also announced that they will be releasing a pair of singles from their upcoming album El Camino, “Lonely Boy” and “Run Right Back,” on a limited edition 12-inch vinyl.

Hope you’re as excited about this as we are! After all, December 6th will be here in no time. But until   then, what do you say we go watch the intriguing video to The Black Keys freshly released new single, “Lonely Boy” again? (and again, I just can’t get enough of it!)

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