Stream Eve 6's New 2012 Album "Speak In Code" Full Audio

Published On : April 24, 2012

Listen to Eve 6’s 2012 New Album “Speak In Code”

After a nine year hiatus, the famous rock trio Eve 6 return in 2012 with a brand new album titled “Speak In Code” which is set for release on April 24th. Luckily, the band decided to surprise the fans, who can get to hear a full audio of the entire album, ahead of its release. Eve 6 made the fans who stream the album promise that they’ll go out and get a copy as soon as it’s released, so be sure to get your CD after you listen.

“Speak In Code” is Eve 6’s fourth album and it’s their first one since signing up with a new label, namely, Fearless Records. As we’ve previously stated, the official release is scheduled for April 24th, but since the best publicity for the LP are the songs themselves, the band’s generosity to allow free streaming of the full album is highly appreciated.

Judging by the great public response, it’s safe to say that the album has been very highly anticipated, and from the first comments, it appears that what the fans missed the most is Eve 6’s trademark trademark clever songwriting skills.

Of course, in order make the new album experience a great one (it’s been nine years since their 2003’s “It’s All In Your Head”, fans expect greatness!), Eve 6 teamed up once again with legendary producer Don Gilmore, who managed to put a contemporary spin on the 12 new songs.

Now as far as the tracks are concerned, they tend to branch out from the solid alternative-rock that made Eve 6 famous, and they bring more synth-pop to our attention. As you probably know by now, the band already released three singles ahead of the album and you can listen to all of them below.

To stream the full album ahead of the release, click here.

Here’s the complete tracklist of Eve 6 “Speak In Code”

1. Curtain
2. Victoria
3. Situation Infatuation
4. B.F.G.F.
5. Lion’s Den
6. Blood Brothers
7. Lost & Found
8. Moon
9. Downtown
10. Trust Me
11. Everything
12. Pick Up The Pieces

Eve 6 – Victoria

Eve 6 – Curtain

Eve 6 – Lost & Found

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