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Snoop Dogg - Executive Branch Lyrics

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Editor's comments:
Even though he's pushing 40, Snoop Dogg is still up and about and raping about weed.
His latest song is titled "Executive Branch" and it also came with a flashy video.

Snoop Dogg – Executive Branch Lyrics

Is this thing on?
No, mhm1

Now i’m came out the club and now i’m just breaking the bud
I’m checking taking the chance with the executive branch
Now i’m making them dance, people blunting my hand in two packs of my pain
You know the green of above, and the strength of the leaf
I’m the indian chief
They call me bossanova, eva kaneva
So tiva briva
Imperial, brought to your life ain’t scary all
One come test me now
I’m movin while i’m groovin floating on the sound cloud
Girls wanna kiss us boom, we got our own
We ain’t f*ckin with them switches
So passes slow is the big puff slow for my retch you flow
Catch you dough, can’t scratch it dough
Is the original fantastic coe
Ask your flow with the white great interia
Taste so good the gentlemen’s choice choice for sure
The white great cigarilla
Deal low in the middle
Never..I’m inside my hood

Smoke one this for the good times
We gonna blow forever more
So let the girls on the floor
They just left the larger
They heard we in the honey gone
Now they want the money grow yeah
It’s a party y’all, everybody in here
Done that did that been here
Hell yeah, fired up
And don’t let it go when take you wide up
We ain’t f*cking with no powder puff
No back was feeling any other
Exactly range mother f*cker
The one and only from the homie
Ass in double o
One for the money, two for the show
Three to get ready
Now let’s blow
Executive branch branch branch branch
To smoking it, what you’re smoking it
Executive branch branch branch branch
It’s so good, let’s blow blow blow
For the good times
Brought to you by
Big snoop deal double g
And the maker of executive branch
Is gentlemen’s choice

[Lyrics to Executive Branch performed by Snoop Dogg]

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