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She Wants Revenge - Reasons Lyrics

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She Wants Revenge – Reasons Lyrics 

She moves with me, her body’s the answer.
Taking her time, the saddest of dancers.
Changing her mind and changing yours as days go by.

She tastes so sweet, but stays with you after.
Taking like theives, and leave a disaster.
Make believe love it always comes and goes too fast.
And love goes just as quickly as it came.
I’m acting strange like I don’t know myself, what she say?

She’s loosing sleep, but he don’t deserve her.
Everyone sees he’ll only desert her, prey upon her guilt and prey upon her every fear.
It cuts so deep and touches your insides, shakin’ like leaves, afraid its the wrong time.

Tell me you remember, tell me its not too late.
Cause love won’t come again.

[She Wants Revenge – Reasons Lyrics]

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