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Say Anything - That Is Why Lyrics

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Say Anything – That Is Why Lyrics 

Today I sat and smoked myself to cancer
Thinking about the dancer at the bar
Well how was I to know
That a crush could just implode
‘Til it became a grudge eclipsing every star

And yes I know my addictions run the gamut
The drugs, the smokes, the booze, the 24
But you can’t make the turkey colder
Or skew me less bipolar
Let me list the things about you I abhor

Horrible, you’re…
So easy, talk sleezy
You led me off the plank and left me queasy
And that is why
You can’t rock my world

You swore that you were taken when I met you
But yes you did undress me from afar
A genteel concubine
You skip amongst the mines
Just a product of the endless empty grind

You lack the curves that prove a proper lady
A slender slave with sluttish, sleepy eyes
Though once I was emoting
And Bono lyric quoting
I have found another be my guest and die

With starry eyes, she’s…
Warm-glancing, entrancing
And now I’m through with all your sick, sad ranting
And that is why
You can’t rock my world

I’ve lost you
And now I glide through the silky sky
It’s so blue
And you’re just old news
That is why
You’re so screwed
Cadaver gone blue
This has died
Your machine has grown gangrene
And now I see right through your lies

Ripe wonder, I plunder
Your village now that I know that I’ve become her
And that is why
You can’t rock my
That is why
That is why
You’ll never ever in a god damn millennium
Be my girl

I watch frozen stars on the way home
I watch frozen stars on the way back home
I watch frozen stars on the way home
I watch frozen stars burn out on the way back home

[Say Anything – That Is Why Lyrics]

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