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Rye Rye - Sunshine Lyrics

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Rye Rye – Sunshine Lyrics 

and it’s time i flame
cold blooded in this- yeah you know my name
home girl im doing my thing
put it down on the real that’s just my game
no holmes, they aint the same
start feelin theyselves start acting up
some throwing elbows sayin back it up
tell my homies on the track lets wrap it up
but. we go ghost ridin
got the punks in the back got the whole queue hottin
we jump inside n stomp the yard
in the club on the floor we slidin
pop a goose when they see me shine
fellas see my coat throw it on the rack line
now it’s time and we proceed
come get with me if you know my scene

hard girls keep lookin
post it up throwin up so mad cuz im bookin
i can get your man and his friend too
all i do is cracka smile when they fall through
i’m so bad and they so not
turning my back tell em go kick rocks
he say she say they say ow
when i say you say we all say bye
i dont take home losers
if you come through my hood damn right i can school yah
got my right hand girl on the side
the left side make sure you abide
ain’t my fault got my girls on my side
we stay crunk, girls gone wild
and you know we had to top it up
man i told you once yo that’s what up

[Rye Rye – Sunshine Lyrics]

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