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Melody Gardot - So Long Lyrics

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Melody Gardot – So Long Lyrics

Don’t wait up for me darling
I’m not coming home
Draw the blinds and set the alarm
‘Cause I’m not coming home

In the morning you will rise
With sadness in your eyes
‘Cause I’ll be gone
I’m moving on
Goodbye, so long

Every flower has faded to dust
I’m not coming home
Tears may fall
Your lashes may rust
But I’m not coming home

Forever is on my mind
And I have just got to find
A place I’ll belong
One I belong
Goodbye, so long

So long
So long
So long
So long

Every power is drawn to the close of another
I’m not coming home
Wave goodbye so everyone knows
I’m not coming home
Goodbye, so long
So long

[Melody Gardot – So Long Lyrics]

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