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Megan and Liz - Love War Lyrics

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Megan and Liz – Love War Lyrics

I don’t believe in wizards or witches
But boy, you’ve got a spell on me
I don’t know, this or that or which is
What you want me to see

But I’m tired of waiting
It’s so frustrating
Do you like me or not?
If you do, then let me know

I’m done, with all of this nonsense
I can’t, take it anymore
I need, to live in the present tense
And not by who we were before
Cause no offense, I’m tired of fighting
In this crazy thing we call a love war

Why can’t you just listen to your heart,
Instead of listening to all your stupid friends?
I know, that’s the reason we fell apart
This is not where the story ends

But I’m tired of waiting
It’s so frustrating
Do I like you or not?
If I do, I’ll let you know


I’m done…
I can’t take it anymore…


[Megan and Liz – Love War Lyrics]

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