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Mario - Bed Love Lyrics

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Mario – Bed Love Lyrics

Ohh ohh yeah

If I told you would you wanna stand over you turn away
All I did was fornicate can’t capting moving
But everything get anything when you can’t feel a thing at all, no
I don’t really know when I can feed em anyone
But I’m not a man in my place I didn’t have no gorgeous
They’re gorgaine, being selfish rich your love

So I just stand here in the middle of love and goodbye
Waiting for your heart to .. and show me
I’m afraid, tell me I’m invited ‘cause I just don’t know if you’re willing to

Without touch just we’re here tonight I wanna make you fall in bed love, bed love
Bed time, bed love,
Don’t be mad just be clear, tonight I wanna fall in bed
Love bed, love bed, love bed, love bed
Baby I don’t know something you’ve been giving on
And that could be love or you just wanna..
With that set just we hear
Tonight I wanna make you fall in bed love bed, love bed,
Love bed, love bed

So I chose the show inside of me wasn’t alive
And it’s all because of your modesty that love just to fought
I see the way that you look at me stop reading my mind
My heart, rewhine, gotta control this one more time
I can tell you believe, you can see
More things, that I can, that I can ..wish I could, wish I see
But I can’t and I don’t know if I’ll ever feel
Probably ‘cause I can tell when it’s feel
So I just stand here in the middle of love and goodbye
Waiting for your heart to call and show me
..tell me you’re invited ‘cause I just don’t know if you’re winnin


Everybody needs something that everything get enough
And if we live it for the moment
Everything get too much
It was one thing baby that you
Maybe I don’t wanna miss the time


[Lyrics to Bed Love performed by Mario]

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