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Marc Anthony- That's Okay Lyrics

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Marc Anthony- That’s Okay Lyrics

I remember how it used to be
When you said you were in love with me
Now I’m all alone
Sitting by the phone
There’s that memory
Hangin’ over me
Oh, you were something
And now we’re nothing


I still can’t believe
You’re leaving me
In the middle of what used to be
Our thing
That’s okay
And I still don’t see
A reason for you killing me
The way you did
That day
That’s okay
I can’t shake all that you promised me
Can’t believe I let it conquer me
Now you’re on your way
To that better day
And I’m here at home
Sitting all alone
Oh, you were something
And, that’s why we’re nothing

[Repeat Chorus]

[Marc Anthony- That’s Okay Lyrics]

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