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Lupe Fiasco- Words I Never Said Lyrics

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Lupe Fiasco- Words I Never Said Lyrics

This is for the ones who don’t know me ima superstar and y’alls nigaz phony thought i was so lonely, but nigga im not the only, we fuken all together and we bringing all the glory, now can u listen to my story, bitches high as fuk but we aint sittin in the nosebleeds, courtside seats man im sittin next to kobe, super fly wife, superstar life, but yet, nobody can find me , em to my right and michael jackson right behind me, heaven in da back, legend but collapsed, the fuken knicks are back, fuck a fuckin map, we need a atlas, to trak, where my girl is when will this bitch come bak, they say clothes money hoes is the key to bein happy, bullshit niga all u need is a family.

Lights camera action, fuk the satisfaction, all the gats im packing, when did this all all happen, yesterday it was just yesterday,, that i was all shit man i was all nothing, now y’all like the cupcakes and im the fuken muffin, huffing and puffin and stiffen my flow is opposite standing its jumping, fuk that autounte nigga i was just bluffing, pokerface, man why so serious like jokers face, baby have sum fun, fuk the paparazi, then fuk up those nazis, im in the zone, don’t try to interrupt it, superbad cloven, super girl im loving, my super gat ill shove it, super in , super quick, flow is fuken super sik, man im goin super far,bitch ima superstar

he days passed by, and i aint gon lie, trotta looking like fly but that girl wudnt buy, but bitch i am just the way i am, nothing cud change me everyday i am, and i kno u love me for me, so everyone stand and get on ur feet, and ima do me and she gon do shee and we goon weeee

[Lupe Fiasco- Words I Never Said Lyrics]

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