Leonard Cohen - Show Me The Place Song Meanings

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Leonard Cohen – Show Me The Place Song Meanings

The hard part in trying to write about song meanings is that if you ask a hundred people what a song means, especially those songs by the legendary Leonard Cohen, you are sure to get a hundred different answers. Why? It’s the simple answer that it means something different to everybody.
And if you think about that for just a few seconds, I’m sure you’ll agree with me. With that said, we set out to search the internet to try and discover what people think about “Show Me The Place” and what it actually means, and just like I stated, there really is no concensus of opinion.

The song as you well know is from Cohens recently released “Old Ideas” album and was first debuted on The Canadian Broadcast Corporations Radio 2 back in November of 2011. Tom Allen the host of Radio 2 had this to say after listening to “Show Me The Place.” “It is a song of surrender.”
Others were of a different opinion. For example, Jim Allen from MTV thinks it’s a song that is a “Yearning for guidance, almost a prayer to a higher being.”

Brad Wheeler from the Toronto Globe feels that the song is “ A restrained spiritual.” He ads that the line “Show me where you want your slave to go” is all about devotion in whatever way one needs to express it.
It’s no secret that Cohen has for years written songs that may be intrepeted with religious meanings and “Show Me The Place” falls right along those lines.

In one of the many forums that are dedicated to the songs of Leonard Cohen, one fan seems to think it’s Cohens way of praying and that the lyrics are all about “Asking your God to show you what he wants you to do. You once knew but need to be told again.”

Now do you see why trying to intrepet a song such as “Show Me The Way” is not the easiest task? The best thing to do is take a listen for yourself, maybe even a few times and then give us your opinion as to what you think it means.

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