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Kelly Price- Friend Of Mine (Remix) Lyrics

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Kelly Price- Friend Of Mine (Remix) Lyrics

[Ron Isl.]
Yeah, Kelly.
You there?
Now listen baby I got you message
I’m just confused I don’t understand everything, but I’m on my way over there to you
Now you stay on the phone and tell me everything that went down

[Kelly P.] See I was the one who picked her up when so called friends let her down
[Ron I.] Uh-huh
[Kelly P.]
And I was the one who took her in when that fool put her out,
A true friend in deed
You see I was there when shit was going down
But she betrayed me
I caught her with him coming in from outta town
Tell me why?

[Chorus: Ron Isl. & Kelly P:]

[Kelly P.] I wanna know
[Ron Isl.] Why, baby?
[Kelly P.]
Now I put my trust in him
I can’t believe he slept with her behind my back
I went out on a limb
I even covered up to keep his thing in tact
What he had in me was something real that’s so hard to come about
But he betrayed me
There was a photo and some laundry that I found
Tell me


[Kelly P.]
I put all my trust in you baby
She was my best friend, oh, yeah,
Oh, yeah, roll with me through thick and thing
My homie, my homie
Sisters to the very end and I can’t believe it,
Can’t believe it oh no, no,
You were everything to me,
Everything to me baby,
I lock the door
It’s history oh
Now you gotta go
You could’ve had everything,
But I can’t believe it, can’t believe it

[Ron Isl.] No, no, no, no, no, Kelly P., ummm hmm
[Kelly P.] Why?
[Ron Isl.] Why?
[Kelly P.] Yeah, ummmm-hmmm
[Kelly P.] Can’t believe it, can’t believe it
[Ron Isl.] Kelly, let me call him up
[Kelly P.] No, no, no
[Ron I.] Oh why
[Ron Isl.] And just talk to him
[Kelly P.] It’s nothing to say, ’cause it’s too late

[Ron Isl.]
I know it, but it’s just the principle of the whole thang,
I’m your godfather and I can’t stand for no one to hurt you baby,
So just call him up

[Kelly P.]
No, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna
No, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna

[Ron I.] Call him babe
[Kelly P.] Uh-unngh
[Ron I.] Call him
[Kelly P.] I’m calling, I’m calling, I’m calling


[R. Kelly] Hello? Who’s this?
[Ron I.] This is Mister Bigg
[R. Kelly] How you doing Mister Bigg?
[Ron I.] What the hell is going on?
[R. Kelly] What you mean “What’s going wrong”?
[Ron I.] Kelly’s telling me that you’re sleeping wit another woman
[R. Kelly] Just because she sees me with her doesn’t mean I sleeping with her
[Ron I.] Well, if you not sleeping with her what the hell you doing with her?
[R. Kelly] Damn, I could be just talking to her
[Ron I.] Or you could be just sleeping with her. Now son, man to man, we both know the game
[R. Kelly] Yeah, but what’s that?
[Ron I.]
…Wait a minute, now you know all about heartache and pain.
This is my god daughter and I’m just trying to protect her heart (don’t waste your time).
You may have been a moon to her, but to me she’s a star (why, why, why).
Kelly, take this phone…
[Kelly P.]
She was my best friend.
You were my husband.
Oh, but I don’t want you no, no, no more
Said I don’t want you no, no, no, no more

Why? [until fade]

[Kelly Price- Friend Of Mine (Remix) Lyrics]

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