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K. Michelle - Just Ain't My Day Lyrics

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K. Michelle – Just Ain’t My Day Lyrics

Hey, is it the warning in the mirror that’s got me feeling this way
Is it the man I know is meant for me said he wasn’t ready and needed space
Was it the call that I got today, my mama said it might not be okay
Is it the more I try to change my ways, there’s no improvement I’m still the same
But whatever it is it’s got me feeling like I should have never got out of bed, hey

Today just ain’t my day, said today just ain’t my day

Is it the stress all this job costs, these bills they gotta get paid
Is it the stress of being a single mom, my son’s father should feel ashamed
Is it the stress trying to feel round if I’m straight or if I’m gay
Is it the fact that I’m getting older and life can suddenly tick away
But whatever it is it got me feeling like I should have never got out of bed, hey

Today just ain’t my day,

If tomorrow is the same as it is today
Then what’s the point on waking up for me anyway
The realities of this cold world can be so cold
I’m losing it, I’m losing it

Cause today just ain’t my day, whoa
Today just ain’t my day
I’m feeling like giving up cause I don’t have it rounding up
Today just ain’t my day
Feeling like giving up, whoa, oh whoa, oh
Whoa oh ah, whoa oh ah.

[K. Michelle – Just Ain’t My Day Lyrics]

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