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Journey - Walking Away From The Edge Lyrics

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Journey – Walking Away From The Edge Lyrics 

Watchin’ the sun come up
Like I’ve never seen it before
I’ve been gone for a long time
There’s no place to hide anymore
I feel the light on my face
Touchin’ me down to my soul
Waking up from a bad dream
Something I had to let go
Can’t blame anyone
For all of the damage I’ve done
I had to face myself
Before I’d fall down
I found I could turn around

Walkin’ away from the edge
While I can still live to tell
Coming back from the dead
On the road between heaven and hell
Freedom comes day by day
Till the demons are out of my head
Walkin’ away from the edge…
Walkin’ away from the edge …

You don’t know how lost you are
Till you’re spinning out of control
Before you know it you’ve gone too far
Left the rest of the world far below
Friends are gone one by one
I’d pretend I’m alright on my own
My disguise just starts wearin’ thin
Until all I’ve become is alone
I reached out to anyone
Who would tell me what I’d want to hear
But I’m the one who could save myself
I couldn’t look down
I turned around
Before it was too late


[Journey – Walking Away From The Edge Lyrics]

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