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Jake Owen- Nobody Feelin' No Pain Lyrics

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Jake Owen- Nobody Feelin’ No Pain Lyrics 

The bartender said ya’ll keep it down
The party was goin strong
By the palm trees down at the tiki bar
Right there in the Holidome
We’d been sittin there since happy hour
Had the day off in Omaha
And all those girls came in and they wanted to swim
And the clothes they started comin off.

And it was alright alright.
We just got carried away
Yeah it was alright alright
Nobody feelin no pain

Well 2 a.m. room 509
We were all still good to go
Well damn near blew the speaker out
of that alarm clock radio.
The hotel security man
kept knockin til his knuckles turned red
while all those daisy duke country girls
they were dancin on the king-sized bed


Alright I gotta know.
How many of ya’ll ever been out there in the hotel before
When they close that old pool bar down.
Now I know ya’ll just didn’t go on back up to your room
and turn on QVC and order out for pizza
What you probably did was go down to that old icemaker
Down there in the hallway and start fillin up that bathtub
in your room with as much ice and as much liquid
refreshments as it would possibly hold
and pretty soon you got a big ol’ party goin on, and you know

No whistle, no foul no real harm done.
We might’ve messed up a motel room
but we sure ‘nough had some fun.


[Jake Owen- Nobody Feelin’ No Pain Lyrics]

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