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Chris Brown - Cali Swag Lyrics

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Chris Brown – Cali Swag Lyrics

(Chris Brown)
Yeah my swagger’s like Uh in the DOMINO at that
Swathy sending text and she fellin’ me lemme forward that
To my other girl,now she say she wanna meet her
A nigga going in like a quarter in a meter
So come on,

I don’t give a damn if she rollin’ then I’m rollin’
I ain’t talking ’bout appeal, but she pop it like she own it
Her continuous moaning, it carries to the morning
And teach her like a stick, so I’m calling it T-boning

My girl got a girlfriend, so you know what it is
I call them daycare, ’cause they take care of my kids
Ah, bring the camera out of motion picture
Before you take your clothes off, let me get the liquor

Nigga I’m ill, oh believe that
Her titties like snowballs , call them sky racks
They be like Hulk Hogan,ain’t no one in team
I tell them ,fuck you, nigga it’s me

What it is, how you doin’ nice to meet you
My flow is just like bullets
So this beat will be my nina
That traver go bow, it split you from your feet up

I got your girl wet, flooding like Katrina
Rather Billy or Bima,Fatima of Christina
Milly Yang I’mma done, I’m getting right between her
I’m strip club ballin’ throwing franklins like Aretha

She said her mouth dry, so I’m guessing it’s the refull
Whole team gorillaz, K Mack and Joe
Cali swag nigga, I ain’t talking doggie do
It’s reject nigga, have you breaking all the rules

Your my catdaddy, check on TMZ it’s breaking news
My car lot, jackpot,got these girls cheering like a mascot
Boy you ask that, ’cause I’m hot
I’m mad,all you singles neck like an ascot

I’m on the top hold your hair tip
When they hear the fame drop, they gon’ shit a brick
No pun intended, but I recommand it
Fuck your feelings nigga, I don’t care if you offended

[Lyrics to Cali Swag performed by Chris Brown]

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