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Cavo - Circles Lyrics

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Cavo – Circles Lyrics 

Stars line up tonight but you can’t even see the light
Blinded by the scars inside you
Safe here in the lie hard to tell you’re alive
Broken by the world around you
You keep going round and round and round
Keep going round and round and round
Falling in the confusion for their illusion, nothing but circles now
Crawling feel like they own you do what they told you
Feel yourself get up, get out
Break (out of the circles now)
Wake up another day, hear the voice can’t see the face
Closing in the walls around you
The cure the cause the blur the race
The reason that you need this chase
You lost it as the days still drown you
Run cause I know you’re alive
I know there’s so much more inside you
But it feels like you’re losing your mind
There’s a weight in your eyes
I know you’ll find a way to stay
Stay away from falling

[Cavo – Circles Lyrics]

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