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Azealia Banks - Bambi Lyrics

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Azealia Banks – Bambi Lyrics


You know, like (giggles) x2

So, where are you from?
Oh yeah?
So, do you speak any French?
Where am I from?
I’m from New York

New York (x5)

So, what’s your sign?
Are you an Aquarius? You act like an Aquarius
What’s so fucking funny?!?!

[Verse 1]

You know my liberty ain’t?? clean and my ghetto fancy
If your man spits the digits, I’mma spend his damn change
I’mma vamp with the ribbon and the little panties
When I pound?? to the rhythm and these bitches can’t breathe
And she a lead, she a damn champion
Do the dance for you nigga like a damn banji (ha)


It’s little little bam-bambi
I know all these bitches really can’t stand me
Can’t stand me (x4)

So bang it against the wall
No one wants to see you fall down
The repetition kills you (x2)
Put your hands over your eyes


I mean like, what the fuck are we supposed to do now?
Do you guys do drugs?
Well, you should try it, I bet you’d really really fuckin’ like it…

[Azealia Banks – Bambi Lyrics]

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