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Slim Thug - Who They Talkin 2 Lyrics

Slim Thug – Who They Talkin 2 Lyrics 

[Slim Thug]
Guess who’s back again, here to wreck the track again
I split flames, and leave haters blacker than a African
Guess who’s back again, here to wreck the track again
I split flames, and leave haters blacker than a African
Guess who’s back again, here to wreck the track again
I split flames, and leave haters blacker than a African
When I attack I win, ain’t no draws in this
You hearing it out the Boss Hogg, ain’t no flaws in this
You bitch niggas got me pissed, trying to slander my name
Trying to cut a nigga wrist, after I hand you the game
Y’all some five percent homies, three bitch ass phonies
I guess I gotta show the world, that y’all ain’t got nothing on me
You think you the Northstar, bitch you ain’t the Northstar
You disappeared off the earth, fell off by far
He don’t even got a car, just a white cup of bar
A one and a two liter, you ain’t no block bleeder
I’m talking bout that little sorry hoe, named Lil Mario
When I left the house, I wanted to see just how far he’d go
Nowhere ain’t shit changed, since back in the game
He’s still broke with no hope, and I guess I’m to blame, ha

Guess who’s bizack, back and stacking that do’
Getting green, is all we know
I won’t leave my gat, gat in my lap when I roll
Try to jack, and get your bitch ass froze

[Slim Thug]
And who was this other cat, still scoring fifty packs
He 26 but selling dope in the bricks, since way back
I think they call him Black Mario, or Snake Skin
I don’t even know this nigga, but I heard him hating
I am the Kappa, I heard you on the twelve tracks
Slim Thug you ain’t no thug, I’ll lay you flat on your back
Off top boy you wack, drop your pen and your pad
Everybody can’t rap fa real, you sound bad
Why the fuck you hating on me, you don’t know me nigga
How you gon say I’m a fraud, when you don’t know me nigga
I understand your pain, trying to get you some fans
And the quickest way to blow up, is to hate on the man
I guess you wanted some attention, I can help you with that
But all attention ain’t good, that’s where you fucked up black
For the record nigga I’m grown, I don’t fight no more
I got niggas on payroll, that stay ready for war
Trying to come up on my name, you should of knew better
Next time you hating on me, nigga do better
Bring on some competition, when you get to dissing
Take notes on this lesson, haters please listen

It’s a new game board, let me give you the rules
Get out of line, and I’m gon give you the blues – [2x]

[Slim Thug]
Last but not least, talking down on the streets
It’s my H J-Dog, you probably broke the peace
Out of em all, this the one that hurt the worst
I’m ashamed, but I gotta let my pain disperse
My nigga, at least I use to think so
I tried to help him but the nigga, sent me on a blank roll
Gave me a lot of sad stories, that came and went
God damn, how many times I paid your mama’s rent
How many big faces I spent, trying to keep you out of trouble
I had your back through it all, cause nigga I loved you
Come to find out, all those sad stories was lies
I got my peace back, and no longer answered your cries
Think about it, all the bread I gave you nigga
You fucked over the one nigga, that tried to save you nigga
And you spent all that shit, getting high on fry sticks
You still hitting licks, and still ain’t got shit, ha


[Slim Thug – Who They Talkin 2 Lyrics]

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