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Slim Thug - Show Me Love Lyrics (feat. Mannie Fresh)

Slim Thug – Show Me Love Lyrics (feat. Mannie Fresh) 

[Slim Thug:]
Yeah, We Back
Slim Thugga
Mannie Fresh
This for the real niggas in the club, mayne
Holla at em Fresh

[Hook x2: Mannie Fresh]
In the streets (in the streets)
In the club (in the club)
All the real muthafuckas show me love (show me love)
Now I open up this bitch and I’m a show you how to show off
Clean in this bitch with the price tag tow-off

[Verse 1: Slim Thug]
Don’t call it a comeback
Cause I been here for years
Wreckin’ my peers, through the blood, sweat and tears
Here it is, Thugga back at it like a addict
No matter the price, give it here I gotta have it
When I step up out my house, everyday I gotta show off
Clean than a bitch with the price tag tow-off
Everythang new, straight up out the mall
From my pants, to my shirt, to my shoes, to my draws
I show ya how to ball, take notes and keep looking
Stay tuned to the show and see what Thugga got cooking
Money back guaranteed, everyday I’m a go off
I’m rich than a bitch, shit I might as well show off

[Hook x2: Mannie Fresh]

[Verse 2: Slim Thug]
Thugga fresh like a Mannie be
Dillerman, hand me keys
Pull up off the lot, drop coupe, three hundred G
Man it’s so fun to be me, I’m the wannabe
On ya TV, yeah G, I’m the one you see
The rose was the blessing so I pull that out the Sunday
The Benz the work card, so I pull that on Monday
The coupe good on gas so I dry that all week
And I pull out my Slab, when I shut down the streets
I’m a beast, hit the jury man with my peeps
Big hundred carrot badge, I’m the captain of the streets
Roll deep like police, blue boys got it lock
Ya see me on patrol in ya hood on yo block

[Hook x2: Mannie Fresh]

[Verse 3: Slim Thug]
When I hit the club all the girls show me love (show me love)
Cause worldwide they be fuckin’ with Thug
Because the boss got class, the boss stay G’ed
I’m everywhere you ain’t never there, where you be?
I got a crib in Miami, house side in Cali
Spot in ATL, but I be out there Bally
Cause I live in the H, and got hoes round the globe
Stacking up you want, I’m getting doe by the low
That’s how I stay froze and fresh with the clothes
My closet got mo kicks than they got in the sto’s
I pop tags, shirt match my badge
Eyelids low, looking at the Prada glass

[Hook x2: Mannie Fresh]

[Slim Thug – Show Me Love Lyrics (feat. Mannie Fresh)]

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