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Slim Thug - She Like That Lyrics (feat. Killa Kyleon)

Slim Thug – She Like That Lyrics (feat. Killa Kyleon) 

I see the way she checkin’ for a gangsta, I know that she like that,
I know that she like that (she like that)
The way them diamonds keep shinin’ so fine, I know that she like that,
I know that she like that (she like that)
The way I keep it so hood, levin’ in the wood, candy paint goin’ for them photos kept ’em good,
she like that, I know that she like that [X3]

[Verse 1 – Slim Thug]
I know she like that, I got her coming right back
She wanna be with a G, she on the right track
Her eyes stuck on my chest with all that ice and
Ain’t never seen that much bling, she try’na price that
She like my nice tatts and the way I keep it hood
And how I stay and flip a candy lac grippin’ wood
Keep some smoke red eyes behind them Louie Locs
A fresh set of vauxs’ wrapped on them super pokes
Stay in the hood but she know a nigga fuckin’ broke
Be on the block so much, she think I’m still sellin’ dope
If I was running for hood boss, I got a vote
Them haters might keep hatin’, but I gotta gloat


[Verse 2 – Killa Kyleon]
Lil’ mama so super freaky, ya she’s my super freak
Just call her my wonder woman, and I’m her super man
Lil’ mama so super bad, just like ’em baby kids
Come to my bed where we go ever sense were baby kids
I asked “so sexy can I’, get on that Ray J shit
She Rep’d like yes and kept it playin’ like a Ray J hit
She love that Ray J shit, she like my second movie
I keep them camera rollin’ kick back and watch a movie
But if u want to take your sleepy eyes home girl
Fuckin’ good make u wanna take it home girl
But if u want to, we can get it on girl
And we can do it all night long girl
From the women to the world we can never bone
Save the world baby girl u can never know
Hit me any time baby I be right back
Fuckin’ like a porn star, I know she like that

[Chorus X2]

[Slim Thug – She Like That Lyrics (feat. Killa Kyleon)]

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