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Slim Thug - Shake Em Off Lyrics

Slim Thug – Shake Em Off Lyrics 

I’m shaking haters off, they trying to break the Boss
They smile when I’m down, wanna see me take a loss
I break em off, he don’t want no drama
I got a house and three cars, you still stay with your mama
Steady speaking on my name, trying to gain some fame
Boy you lame, your bitch ass don’t count in this game
You better get up on your change, instead of watching me
Ever since I’ve been riding swangs, y’all been knocking me
Ain’t no stopping me hater, I refuse to lose
I hit the block on 22’s, and give you boys the blues
Talking bout I’m acting funny, since I started getting money
But back when I was broke, we wasn’t friends dummies
Niggaz hate to see you shine, so I keep a loaded clip
When they see you getting grip, they wanna see you rip
Ask that boy Lil’ Flip, about these traitors and haters
They try to put you in a grave, when they see you getting paper
Mad cause we young niggaz, stacking big figgas
Stay talking down, cause they girlfriend dig us
‘Stead of knocking my pockets, nigga focus on your bread
Before you make a Boss Hogg Outlaw, bust your head

We use to be aces, two common faces

[Slim Thug – Shake Em Off Lyrics]

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